14th Jan2015

Join Millions of Players at the Latest Online Casinos

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luxury-casinoIf you have been to any of the casinos at Las Vegas, I am sure you will have been impressed with just how big they are and how many people go to them every day and night. This happens for 365 days a year, so you can begin to see how these massive hotels and casinos come about, as there is a lot of money that goes through these places every single day.

But even when you see these huge casinos full of people, that does not compare to the bigger online casinos currently available. Some of the more established casinos have over 10 million members from around the world, and the number of players they have inside their virtual casinos runs well into the 6 figure range.

There are some online casinos that are so popular and have such a wide reach around the world that they will never have a peak time as casinos in Las Vegas and other such places have. This is because there are always players from many different countries and time zones all playing during the day and night, so the games are always being played.

This is also why the bigger online casinos want to have such a large game selection available, so that they can accommodate the needs of all of their members. They also add new games into their casinos on a regular basis, and the virtual casino floors grow continually.

Being an online casino, the casino operators can always get very detailed reports of which games are popular and which are not, so they can make informed decisions as to whether they should ever remove some games and replace them with new ones. This information is very useful for the casino operators so they know how to continue to build their casinos and expand the casino floors.

01st Nov2014

The Playboy Multiplayer Slot Has a Hot Look and a Hot Feature To Go With It

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The Playboy Multiplayer slot is a very sexy slot machine from Microgaming that features five reels, twenty lines and hundreds of ways to win. It has four different Playboy Bunnies for players to unveil. People who get more of these Bunnies in their lines will get some great prizes for doing so.

While the women themselves are hot, there’s also a thermometer on the screen that can also get to be rather hot. This can be found on the right end of the screen. This thermometer will move up and become hotter as the player wins more money. If the player reaches the top of the thermometer then the action will really, for lack of a better word, heat up.


The bonus multiplier will be active once the thermometer heats up. This can give a player two or three times the winnings in a game. There is a potential for a player to get hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a single spin but only if a player is able to get further. It takes a bit to get there but it will be worthwhile.

This is a hot feature that goes alongside the many other special things in the game. These include a free spin mode where a player who reaches a certain combination can get a number of free spins to get more coins. There is no telling just how many spins a player can get but the machine will typically work with a variable number of spins at a given time.

The potential to win more money off of the Playboy Multiplier slot will really make this game rewarding for all who play it. The multiplier thermometer adds to the heat that the ladies of the game already bring to it. This can be a very special type of game for all to explore.


Try Playboy Multiplayer today at your favourite safe online casino in uk!

01st Oct2014

Microgaming Release a Red Hot Devil of a Slot!

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If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen and maybe it would be wise to stay away from the casino, but why would you want to do that when one of the most innovative, seductive and enjoyable new slots for many a year is set to make its debut this October.

Get ready for your date from hell, a little spin with the Red Hot Devil slot from Microgaming!

This is a brand new slot due in October from Microgaming which boasts 5 reels and 25 paylines on each spin. As you would expect, the reels are stacked with wilds and scatter symbols all of which can be used to help the user gain wins of up to 105,000 coins.

The first thing you’ll notice about this fantastic new slot is the eye-catching red and black graphics and sultry symbols used in the game. Hell may be the inspiration but these outstanding graphics, symbols and a pumping soundtrack are delivered straight from heaven.

All manner of hellishly themed symbols adorn the reels but it is two that will be of most interest. Wilds will offer you a better chance to hit a winning line on any of the 25 available paylines, while scatter symbols offer you the chance to partake in one of three bonus games.

  • Free Spins With Red Hot Multipliers – 10 Free Spins plus a multiplier bonus of up to 10x your winnings
  • Red Hot Wild Reels – 10 Free Spins with 3 Reels set to Wild to give you a huge chance of a big win
  • Wheel of Fire Bonus – Select from 10 orbs to win your prize until you reveal the jester who pops the orbs and ends this part of the game.

Red Hot Devil packs a real punch as a new slot and is sure to be a hellishly popular hit when it is released into Microgaming casinos from October.


01st Sep2014

Have you played So Much Candy?

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Microgaming has always been a fun corner for you. You cannot enjoy your leisure time without a new game. The new game ‘ So Much Candy ’ has arrived, and we are sure that you are ready to take part in it. It is an improved version of casino games, pokies, and online slots. There is more action this time.

The new slot is famous as “So Much Candy” and Microgaming is offering this new pokie without reels. Apart from reels on every spin, the candies spin as well, and it seems like they are dancing. The presentation of this game is extraordinary. The game has extremely cute objects, which are in form of candies.

New bright color and the sound effects make your game more exiting. On every hit, you hear a fantastic beat of sound. The player would want to wave his/her body with these dancing candies. It’s that much fun! The line of bubbles comes up before the symbols come up in resting position.

It is actually fun to play this game, because there are new features introduced to this game. If you make a high score between 8 and 12, you will get a bonus. Scatter symbol will trigger the free spins and if you are the best among all players, then you can hit another scatter bonus during the spin. You can retrigger if you have freebies to boost your balance.

Among the many new features in the game, there is a free spin mode as well. When you are in free spinning mode, you can access a number of features, which will help you to boost your win. High End symbols are stacked across all wheels. Some are three high and some are super stacked wilds, and they help you win the award with a winning combo.

In the game, you also get jackpot on special spin. It is a great value game for a player. You can make good bets on all candies, it does not matter whether you
are heart shaped candy or a simple Lollypop.

At the end of the game, when you are done with everything, it is your choice to gamble more or not.

Golden Tiger Casino

01st May2014

Cool Wolf – Set your inner beast free!

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Whether you are an avid gamer or new to online casinos, cool wolf slot game will have you howling for more action from the get-go. This game offers 243 ways to win with a 5 X 3 reel slot, with stacked wild, rolling reels and an incredibly spine tingling howling wild feature to turn the whole reel wild. This game is a huge hit featuring the all American teenage hero with a few dark secrets in its reel slots for fans to have a spin at. This much action is sure to get you panting for more but if it isn’t enough, then more thrills await you, with a multiplier trail that gives you ten times the win and over 25 free spins with the full rolling reels slot game.

This is your ticket to some action packed adventure where you explore your inner beast as you play cool wolf. At the first look, with pink shiny cadillacs, a sweet teenage hero, and perky, enthusiastic cheer leaders, nothing looks out of the ordinary. But then, the hair raising secret is revealed as the cute teenager is turned into a freak of nature, a werewolf howling at the moon by night. There are some great wins, stacked wilds are on reels 3,4,5 and 40 wild symbols hidden, you are sure to have some great wins coming at you wild and quick. You could also be getting 15, 20, or 25 free spins when the reels on 3,4 and 5 scatters the trigger.

Your casino nights are going to go all out exciting and leave you clamoring for more action every night with the cool wolf slot game. With a minimum bet of 0.50 and maximum payouts at 105,000, you will be winning some big money and could be the alpha beast at the game in no time at all.

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04th Apr2014

Untamed Crowned Eagle

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The Eagle has landed on the dizzying peaks of Mount Tenofwins; the Untamed Crowned Eagle is ready to take you to thinner atmospheres – where winners and victors live; the ultimate slots game is here to shake your feathers and make you go gaga over its amazing graphics, superb sound and an unforgettable online casino slots game experience.

The Untamed Crowned Eagle boasts 243 ways to win – giving the player a feeling that winning is the only option. The many patented features will astound and enthrall you with their high fun quotient, and give you many hours of blissful soaring through the wild blue yonder. Beat the house with the Lucky Nudge™ feature that gives you up to 20 times leverage on your bets; the Collect-a-Wild™ feature is another patented wonder – one that lets you accrue up to 4 Wild tokens as the Wild symbols appear on your spins; each time you get 4 tokens, you’re automatically given 4 spins where one entire reel will be made up of Wild symbols. Then there is the Soaring Wild™ feature, which kicks in during free spins and makes symbols turn Wild at random – giving you a highly probably chance to win a 10x multiplier.

The free spins bonus is nothing short of awesome. With 10 free spins and a multiplier, the opportunity to win a big stash of cash is enhanced beyond normal limits. Fly with the eagles when you take a stab at Untamed Crowned Eagle – the newest sensation to hit the world of online slots. March 5 is just around the corner, so keep your eagle eyes wide open and don’t even blink – or you’ll miss the launch of the most unique and satisfying slots experienced to be released in a long while. Fight for victory over the skies; play Untamed Crowned Eagle for fun or profit, and win big every time.

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07th Nov2013

Could This Video Slot Become a Casino High Roller Favourite?

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With the usual betting ranges in online video slots being kept rather low, it is not uncommon for a typical casino high roller to steer clear from video slots. Of course, this is often nothing but a prejudice – today, video slots are large in numbers and come in many variations, allowing every gambler to find a perfect fit.

Racing for Pinks is a new video slot with a limit that allows bets as high as 90.00 credits per spin. Paired with impressive multipliers found in game, this can generate a Grand Prize that could easily satisfy even a casino high roller with very high standards.

Of course, to be a real gem, a video slot needs to offer more than just a chance to reap a delicious Jackpot. Luckily, Racing for Pinks does offer a lot more, mixing old familiar features with innovative approach to bonus winnings.

For starters, there are Wilds – which, as usual, serve as substitutes for regular symbols whenever featured in a winning line. Then, Scatter symbols on reels 1 and 5 present a dazzling combination of Free Spins and Multipliers. With some luck, Scatters can trigger up a special round of up to 30 Free Spins and 5x Multipliers!

The crown jewel in this game, however, is a highly interactive, intense second screen bonus – The Bonus Race. Watch stunningly animated races, make the right choices and you could increase your initial bet with Multipliers that range from 5x to 175x!

Racing for Pinks is a great example of an American (Hybrid) style online video slot done right. With a classic setup of 3×5 reels and 243 Ways to win, the gameplay is suitable for novice players and experienced gamblers alike. Casino high roller or not, you will make a good choice if you visit this virtual race track!

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11th Oct2013

Wild Catch Online Slot: Land yourself a whopper of a win with this fishy slot adventure!

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Have you ever been told a fishy tale? Such as the one the huge fish that got away just inches from the net, or the fishing theme online slot that promised players the chance to win up to 50,000 coins on a single spin?

Well, while we cannot verify the authenticity of the first statement, we can investigate the claims of the second thanks to Microgaming’s excellent new online slot, Wild Catch.

Based on the fishing theme, the game itself boasts vivid, cartoon-style graphics and clever music and sound effects that all help bring the slot to life for the player. Yet there is far more to it than slick, Australian slot-style presentation.

The heart of the game and the sections that offer players the biggest cash wins are the two Free Game features that can see players rack up potentially vast wins.

The smaller of the two is the Wild Feature game. Hit three Wild Win symbols on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and you automatically enter the Free Spins section with 5 free spins. Land another Wild Win symbol during this section and you get another free spin for each one you land, giving you the chance to win more cash!

The big wins however tend to come in the Scatter Feature, which is accessed when you land, 3, 4 or 5 Scatter Symbols on any of the reels. The more you land, the more free spins you earn (10, 15 or 20) and these spins can be retriggered.

As your cash grows with the free spins, you can vastly increase your winnings by landing a Wild Win symbol. Every time you land one on a spin it increases the multiplier by one up to a huge maximum multiplier of 10 times the amount you have won!

This can increase your winnings of 5,000 coins up to a maximum of 50,000 coins per spin in some cases!

So why not grab your rod and reel cast your eye over the Wild Catch online slot this summer to see if you could bag yourself a big cash win!

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05th Jul2013

Are Sexy Slots starting to make a comeback?

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For most casino players, when they are playing their slot machine of choice, or similar, the last thing they need is a distraction. As a result, despite having the nickname of “Sin City”, casinos in Las Vegas and similar tended to offer little in the way of more adult fun.

In the digital realm though, this is changing. As online casino companies strive to attract new customers, they are exploring plenty of different ways to do this and one of the most obvious, and oldest ways to do this, is sex.

As any advertiser worth their salt knows, sex sells. From the “Diet Coke” man, to the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, the site of a shapely man or woman is a powerful attractant and now it seems online games are following that lead.

Recently, the video slot Girls with Guns Jungle Heat raised passions for male players of slots, with four nubile girls as the centrepiece of the game and now Microgaming have taken this a step further with the release of the elegant new Playboy Video Slot.

Of course, Playboy oozes sex appeal; the very name itself is a codeword for luxury, sensuality and beauty. The slot though manages to convey this in a simple, understated way and this is to its enormous credit. It’s sexiness is there, but it isn’t overtly in your face, nor distracting for the player.

The 5-reel, 243 ways to win slot also boasts a vast range of features linked to each of the four girls who star in it, including Wilds and Scatter symbols that unlock between 10 and 25 Free Spins plus a host of features to discover as you play through the slot.

So yes, sexy slots are starting to make a comeback, but they are doing so in a tasteful way that compliments the gaming experience and enhances it, rather than distracts the player from it.

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06th May2013

Bust The Bank In This New Casino Game!

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Bust the Bank gives players the chance to live an exciting life of crime, breaking into a heavily guarded bank to find a heap of golden coins hidden inside the master vault. Players are assisted on their bank heist adventure with random on screen bonuses, a number of Free Spins, Scatters and explosive Wilds.

In this video slot game, armored trucks, heavy safes, barking guard dogs and an army of vigilante police officers are only some of the means of defense the bank has assigned to protect the vault. Thieves Larry and Bob, meanwhile, have more than a few ways of helping you break in.

Bust the Bank2

Bust the Bank

By simply spinning the Safe Bonus logo on either Reels 1 or 5, players can gain anywhere between 1 and 6 golden coins. The Bust the Bank logo is another helpful tool when it comes to breaking into the main vault, assisting the player in any combination as a Wild. Most exciting of all is the Scatter Bomb symbol, which guarantees the player an exciting Free Spin ride.

Bust the Bank

Bust the Bank

Players can also earn up to 5 Scatter Bomb symbols in a single turn, earning 8 Free Spins, adding to the up tempo Bust the Bank game play experience. Along with humorous characters and amusing cartoonish graphics, Bust the Bank is a slot game players will find themselves playing for hours on end.

Bust the Bank takes players through a world of high stakes gambling and colorful fun in a 5 reel adventure with 243 unique winning combinations.

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08th Apr2013

Mega Moolah – A Sunny Chance to Win Big

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Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot video slot will take you on a colourful African safari, with zebra, giraffe, elephant and other cheerful animals to keep you company as you hunt for the ultimate trophy – a Mega Progressive Jackpot worth at least one million!online casino

This innovative video slot features 5 reels, 25 paylines and a number of rewards and bonus features that sweeten the chances to win big. A betting range that goes from 0.01 to 0.05 makes the game accessible to beginners, while the option to wager up to 125 coins per game makes Mega Moolah appealing to big players as well.

While in real Africa lions are the kings of the wilderness, in Mega Moolah lions are Wild. These symbols will double the wins when substituting – a royal treatment indeed! Another reward includes Scatter symbol – a multiplier that also enables you to activate a Free Spin Bonus Game in which all winnings are tripled.

Although multipliers are a great way to increase the winnings, a randomly triggered Progressive Jackpot wheel bonus game is what you’ll really be waiting for. After all, that’s where the big prize is. The higher your bet, the higher your chances are at triggering the Progressive Jackpot bonus.

Mega Progressive Jackpot prize is one million or more, Major one starts at 10 000.00, Minor at 100.00 and Mini at 10.00 – all you need to do is spin the wheel and one of these 4 tiered Progressive Jackpots will be yours.

One of the most popular Progressive Jackpot video slots out there, Mega Moolah will provide you with a lot of online gambling fun – and hopefully with a fortune too!

31st Jan2013

Welcome to Planet Exotica – An out-of-this-world Online Slot beyond your imagination!

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Welcome to Planet Exotica! Leave your preconceptions at the arrivals gate as you are about to embark upon a journey into an alien world which will assault your senses, uplift your spirits and, perhaps, even earn you a nice sum of money at the end of playing!

This third and final part in Microgaming’s trilogy of saucily themed Sneak a Peak online slot games transports the player beyond their imagination, leaving scantily clad doctors and hunky bare-chested heroes behind, transporting the user beyond these earthly plains to a game set in the most exotic strip club in the entire galaxy!

online casino

Planet Exotica

This neon-lit world is populated by a wealth of individuals that are as alluring as they are exotic. A crew of red-hot alien strippers, strapping bounces and charming bar staff of all races form part of the symbols that bring this hedonistic alien world to life.

Five hot strippers, Tandy, Lumeena, Sooki, Asherah and Meduna hand out the rewards to players, and you can access their plentiful charms via a series of Wild, Scatter, Bonus, Free Spin and Multiplier features that will have you gagging for more!

Hit Select-a-Smooch by landing the kissing lips icon and you’ll not just receive a smooth from the gorgeous dancers, but you can hit up to 10 retriggering free spins, all with a 2x multiplier meaning you double your winnings in the feature!

planet exotica 2

Planet Exotica

Hit the green or pink lip gloss tubes on reels four or five and you can boost your rewards still further either by increasing your multiplier, or additional free spins!

Of course, you’ll get to “sneak a peek” at the gorgeous dancers too by clicking on icons to try and remove items of clothing, but remember to dodge the bouncers looking to spoil your fun!

The final game of the Sneak a Peek trilogy offers players a fabulous, cheeky chance to win big prizes, while enjoying the ample charms of a bevy of beautiful aliens!

So what are you waiting for? Why not try the best and most exotic slot in the galaxy today!