20th Jun2012

The High Roller Casino Player

by admin

A high roller is a type of gambler that is treated completely different when they enter a casino. They will receive their own private room, the finest drinks and unlimited food as well.They will also receive a complimentary suite for their friends and family. The casino will even provide them a limo service from the airport to the casino and sometimes even pay for the flights. The casino representative will make sure that the high roller is satisfied with their stay at the casino.

How much do high rollers normally spend?

Keep in mind that their minimum bets start from $5000 just from playing blackjack. Most of them even play with 2 to 3 hands at the same time. The average credit line for those people is at least $50,000 minimum and sometimes they will even ask for an increase to play more.

Are they allowed to bring friends and family with them?

The casino always encourages them to bring their loved ones who may also be high rollers. Whoever the person brings, will also be treated like a high roller. Sometimes the high roller will also bring their family to enjoy the different facilities that the suite has to offer. Once you experience this type of treatment in any casino, you will no doubt want to be a high roller as well. The casino will treat you like a king so you will come back to gamble on a regular basis.

So if you also want to be treated like a king, you will have to also become a high roller. The great thing about being a high roller is that you can gamble as much as you want and at the same time get the best VIP service possible. All you have to do is place at least $50,000 every time you visit a casino. You must be an avid gambler to be a high roller.