03rd Aug2014

Jurassic Park™ Online Slot

by admin

Some people suggest that if you have seen one slot, you have seen them all. Nothing could be further from the truth – especially with the introduction of such games like Jurassic Park™. Jurassic Park™ is the latest game from Microgaming, the leading developer of online slots. In case you were wondering, yes the game is based on the movie and it absolutely shows.

The theme

Even though a cool theme is not going to be the reason that you play a slot (winning big usually is) it is certainly worth mentioning that Jurassic Park™ has one of the best themes that we have ever seen. The five different represented dinosaurs, the clear graphics, the terrifying T-Rex mode that bursts onto the scene with loud roars and big wins, the game is truly presented well. Everything in the game is going to fit in with the prehistoric theme.

Getting free spins

It is possible to trigger the Free Spins Bonus feature with three, four, or five Scatter symbols. Each of the five different dinosaurs have their own unique environments and soundtrack. Some of the different options include a new evolution of Running Wilds™, Winning Wilds, Wild Multipliers, Split Wilds, Mystery Multipliers, and Wild Reels.

Winning big

When you play Jurassic Park ™, you have a chance to win 95.000 each time that you play. This is obviously a great payout for a non-progressive slot game. For those who want to play for fun and invest very little, the 0.30 bet is going to offer countless hours of excitement at a reasonable price.

The verdict

When it was first announced that Jurassic Park ™ was a Microgaming production, there was no doubt that it would offer several different features, utilize its theme to perfection, and have interesting sights and sounds. Even with high expectations, Jurassic Park managed to surpass them. The game is going to offer you an experience that is 65 million years in the making. You can play this brilliant game at Zodiac Casino.