04th Apr2014

Untamed Crowned Eagle

by admin

The Eagle has landed on the dizzying peaks of Mount Tenofwins; the Untamed Crowned Eagle is ready to take you to thinner atmospheres – where winners and victors live; the ultimate slots game is here to shake your feathers and make you go gaga over its amazing graphics, superb sound and an unforgettable online casino slots game experience.

The Untamed Crowned Eagle boasts 243 ways to win – giving the player a feeling that winning is the only option. The many patented features will astound and enthrall you with their high fun quotient, and give you many hours of blissful soaring through the wild blue yonder. Beat the house with the Lucky Nudge™ feature that gives you up to 20 times leverage on your bets; the Collect-a-Wild™ feature is another patented wonder – one that lets you accrue up to 4 Wild tokens as the Wild symbols appear on your spins; each time you get 4 tokens, you’re automatically given 4 spins where one entire reel will be made up of Wild symbols. Then there is the Soaring Wild™ feature, which kicks in during free spins and makes symbols turn Wild at random – giving you a highly probably chance to win a 10x multiplier.

The free spins bonus is nothing short of awesome. With 10 free spins and a multiplier, the opportunity to win a big stash of cash is enhanced beyond normal limits. Fly with the eagles when you take a stab at Untamed Crowned Eagle – the newest sensation to hit the world of online slots. March 5 is just around the corner, so keep your eagle eyes wide open and don’t even blink – or you’ll miss the launch of the most unique and satisfying slots experienced to be released in a long while. Fight for victory over the skies; play Untamed Crowned Eagle for fun or profit, and win big every time.

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