04th Feb2014

Avalon 2 – The Story Continues

by admin

Avalon! The very word conjures up images of Merlin, King Arthur, romantic knights in shining armor and thrilling tales of legendary heroism. Avalon 2 is not your average slots game; it is an adventure that takes you on a journey to the mythical world of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. As you go from stage to stage in your quest for the Grail, exciting escapades eagerly await your participation.

The Base Game begins with Merlin the Magician conjuring up mystery multipliers and cash prizes at will. Your Trail Map will guide you through unique bonus rounds – each of which you must win to pass through to the next. First, you get to spin the dice and re-forge the famed Excalibur in the Lake of Legends to win the right to choose your own Wilds at Misty Vale. At Forest Falls, get your Trailing Wilds ™ 20 free spins and challenge the White Knight to a duel to the death. Defend your honor by choosing shields to uncover your prize.

In the next bonus game, you must match your battle helmets and stay on as long as you can – the longer you stay the bigger your prize money grows. Morgan’s Keep is the danger-filled stage for this fight, but the 2x multiplier on Rolling Reels ™ and 20 Free Spins will keep you glued to your screen until there’s only one soul left standing – YOU!

There is still no rest for you. All of this is only to toughen you up for the final fight with the Black Knight. Get through this and you’ll be given the Grail – not to mention riches beyond your wildest dreams. With a maximum jackpot of 2.4 million coins and a minimum bet of just 0.30 coins, victory will certainly favor the brave heart that dares to enter Camelot. Avalon II awaits your gracious presence.

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