14th Jan2015

Join Millions of Players at the Latest Online Casinos

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luxury-casinoIf you have been to any of the casinos at Las Vegas, I am sure you will have been impressed with just how big they are and how many people go to them every day and night. This happens for 365 days a year, so you can begin to see how these massive hotels and casinos come about, as there is a lot of money that goes through these places every single day.

But even when you see these huge casinos full of people, that does not compare to the bigger online casinos currently available. Some of the more established casinos have over 10 million members from around the world, and the number of players they have inside their virtual casinos runs well into the 6 figure range.

There are some online casinos that are so popular and have such a wide reach around the world that they will never have a peak time as casinos in Las Vegas and other such places have. This is because there are always players from many different countries and time zones all playing during the day and night, so the games are always being played.

This is also why the bigger online casinos want to have such a large game selection available, so that they can accommodate the needs of all of their members. They also add new games into their casinos on a regular basis, and the virtual casino floors grow continually.

Being an online casino, the casino operators can always get very detailed reports of which games are popular and which are not, so they can make informed decisions as to whether they should ever remove some games and replace them with new ones. This information is very useful for the casino operators so they know how to continue to build their casinos and expand the casino floors.

06th Jan2015

Going Mobile with Your Casino Gaming

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When online casinos first came out, we were astonished by just how convenient they were. Having the ability to play your favourite casino games from within your own home took things to a whole new level in the world of gambling.

But now with the rise of mobile gaming we are seeing yet another meteoric rise in convenient gaming. There are more mobile casinos becoming available all the time, and these are full of the best quality mobile casino games.

With the power of the latest smart phones and tablets, they are now very capable of dealing with the most intricate of games. This includes the very latest video slots that incorporate some very large bonus rounds and features.

The mobile casino games run very smoothly on most modern day smart phones and you will not experience any lagging or freezing. They also provide excellent audio and graphics and look great on the mobile screens.

Million dollar mobile jackpots

You should not think that just because you are playing on a mobile device you will not be able to win the larger jackpots. This is very far from the truth in fact, and not only are there several games that offer progressive jackpots that can get up into the millions, but also these have been hit by players several times.

Having the ability to be able to play games from your phone or tablet, and then also having the chance of hitting life-changing amounts while you play is something that we would not have believed could happen several years ago. But now it is a reality and mobile gaming is becoming more and more popular.

03rd Aug2014

Jurassic Park™ Online Slot

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Some people suggest that if you have seen one slot, you have seen them all. Nothing could be further from the truth – especially with the introduction of such games like Jurassic Park™. Jurassic Park™ is the latest game from Microgaming, the leading developer of online slots. In case you were wondering, yes the game is based on the movie and it absolutely shows.

The theme

Even though a cool theme is not going to be the reason that you play a slot (winning big usually is) it is certainly worth mentioning that Jurassic Park™ has one of the best themes that we have ever seen. The five different represented dinosaurs, the clear graphics, the terrifying T-Rex mode that bursts onto the scene with loud roars and big wins, the game is truly presented well. Everything in the game is going to fit in with the prehistoric theme.

Getting free spins

It is possible to trigger the Free Spins Bonus feature with three, four, or five Scatter symbols. Each of the five different dinosaurs have their own unique environments and soundtrack. Some of the different options include a new evolution of Running Wilds™, Winning Wilds, Wild Multipliers, Split Wilds, Mystery Multipliers, and Wild Reels.

Winning big

When you play Jurassic Park ™, you have a chance to win 95.000 each time that you play. This is obviously a great payout for a non-progressive slot game. For those who want to play for fun and invest very little, the 0.30 bet is going to offer countless hours of excitement at a reasonable price.

The verdict

When it was first announced that Jurassic Park ™ was a Microgaming production, there was no doubt that it would offer several different features, utilize its theme to perfection, and have interesting sights and sounds. Even with high expectations, Jurassic Park managed to surpass them. The game is going to offer you an experience that is 65 million years in the making. You can play this brilliant game at Zodiac Casino.


01st Mar2014

Blackjack – a question of luck or talent?

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When it comes down to it, blackjack is more a question of luck than talent. Yes, it requires talent – perfecting the system of card counting and developing your betting strategy around it can take years of practice. But even with all that time, with a system perfected, the sequence of the cards and the decisions of all of the players are what dictate the outcome.

A number of approaches and strategies have been developed throughout the existence of the game, ranging from extremely simple strategies that just require the memorization of a few points to complex strategies that can take thousands of hours to perfect. The correct strategy is more about betting than it is about making the correct call on hitting and standing. Combining these for the perfect strategy – talent – can swing the short-term odds to practically even, and late in the deck, even to the favor of the player.

However, pure luck is what keeps a perfect strategy from ever being able to beat the casino regularly, and it’s what allows poor players to win big even when they play hands terribly. A perfect strategy accompanied by perfect card counting will pay off in the long run, but the casino will still always have the edge that can only be negated by luck. Even with the odds in the favor of the player, they’re still odds – nothing is guaranteed until the cards that are determined by luck land on the table.

So never listen when someone tells you they have the talent to beat the dealer and the deck. They may have a system that gets them close, but luck is the difference between the dealer winning and the player winning. Let’s face it, the casinos would never allow something in their doors where the player could use talent to best the house.

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04th Feb2014

Avalon 2 – The Story Continues

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Avalon! The very word conjures up images of Merlin, King Arthur, romantic knights in shining armor and thrilling tales of legendary heroism. Avalon 2 is not your average slots game; it is an adventure that takes you on a journey to the mythical world of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. As you go from stage to stage in your quest for the Grail, exciting escapades eagerly await your participation.

The Base Game begins with Merlin the Magician conjuring up mystery multipliers and cash prizes at will. Your Trail Map will guide you through unique bonus rounds – each of which you must win to pass through to the next. First, you get to spin the dice and re-forge the famed Excalibur in the Lake of Legends to win the right to choose your own Wilds at Misty Vale. At Forest Falls, get your Trailing Wilds ™ 20 free spins and challenge the White Knight to a duel to the death. Defend your honor by choosing shields to uncover your prize.

In the next bonus game, you must match your battle helmets and stay on as long as you can – the longer you stay the bigger your prize money grows. Morgan’s Keep is the danger-filled stage for this fight, but the 2x multiplier on Rolling Reels ™ and 20 Free Spins will keep you glued to your screen until there’s only one soul left standing – YOU!

There is still no rest for you. All of this is only to toughen you up for the final fight with the Black Knight. Get through this and you’ll be given the Grail – not to mention riches beyond your wildest dreams. With a maximum jackpot of 2.4 million coins and a minimum bet of just 0.30 coins, victory will certainly favor the brave heart that dares to enter Camelot. Avalon II awaits your gracious presence.

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09th Dec2013

How Would the Future Look Like for Online Slot Machines?

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Are you a huge fan of online slot machines? Fun, excitement, convenience and not to mention, the rewards all in one package. They are so easy to play and they keep you engrossed throughout, and the prizes that you get when you win, they are just too good, and thrill you to play your favorite games all the more.

Considering their journey from the past to today, slot machines have already evolved a lot. The old slot games could be played only at an arena or casino, and the collection was limited. Today, none of this is true. Online slots are already an old concept because we have seen mobile slots launched after them. As for the games, they are available in a huge collection that comprises of all types that you could ever think of.

With already so much development being made, what does the future hold for slot machines? Actually a lot in terms of game styles, graphics and technology. The graphics are already amazing for slot machines, but you can expect them to become more appealing and attractive in future. 3D slots are already emerging, and who knows to what dimensions they may evolve in future? 4D, 5D, 6D, there are quite a lot of possibilities. The games will also be different and more innovative. You might actually have your own role in the game’s story or you could play your favorite sport like basketball or tennis virtually on a slot machine. In fact, future slot games might also be multiplayer so you can have fun mutually as you compete with your friends for the same price.

Only time can tell just exactly how innovative future slots will be, but one thing that can be said with certainty even now is that slots are not going anytime soon, and will probably seen many more generations come and go.

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13th Sep2013

Introduction to Baccarat

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One of the most sophisticated casino card games, Baccarat is popular in land-based and online casinos around the world. Part of its allure lies in the prestige surrounding the game, and some casinos even have special VIP sections for the Baccarat tables. Still, you don’t have to be a high roller to enjoy this game!

At its core, Baccarat is a simple game which doesn’t take long to learn. Basically, there are two sides at the table – the Banker and the Player, each of them being dealt 2 or more cards. The players at the table place their wagers on the Banker’s win, the Player’s win, or a Tie. After the bets are placed, all cards are revealed and the higher score wins. The scores are determined via in modulo method – the result equals the rightmost digit of the sum. (E.g. for 5+8=13, the score is 3)

Baccarat card values: Ace is 1 point; 2-9 keep face value; 10, J, Q, K are worth zero points. The goal is to get as close to 9 as possible – 9 being the highest score in the game.

Baccarat has three main variations. Perhaps the most widespread one is Punto Banco, the others being Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque. Depending on the game, the role of the Banker is either rotated among the players, or is represented by the house. In former cases, the acting Banker supplies the money for the bank and has more freedom in deciding whether to take a third card or not.

Baccarat has a low house edge (a little above 1% for Banker and Player bets), but you’ll need some luck to win, since advanced strategies don’t help much in this game. A smooth game for bold players, Baccarat is perfect when you’re looking for an exciting gambling session that will test your audacity.