01st Sep2014

Have you played So Much Candy?

by admin

Microgaming has always been a fun corner for you. You cannot enjoy your leisure time without a new game. The new game ‘ So Much Candy ’ has arrived, and we are sure that you are ready to take part in it. It is an improved version of casino games, pokies, and online slots. There is more action this time.

The new slot is famous as “So Much Candy” and Microgaming is offering this new pokie without reels. Apart from reels on every spin, the candies spin as well, and it seems like they are dancing. The presentation of this game is extraordinary. The game has extremely cute objects, which are in form of candies.

New bright color and the sound effects make your game more exiting. On every hit, you hear a fantastic beat of sound. The player would want to wave his/her body with these dancing candies. It’s that much fun! The line of bubbles comes up before the symbols come up in resting position.

It is actually fun to play this game, because there are new features introduced to this game. If you make a high score between 8 and 12, you will get a bonus. Scatter symbol will trigger the free spins and if you are the best among all players, then you can hit another scatter bonus during the spin. You can retrigger if you have freebies to boost your balance.

Among the many new features in the game, there is a free spin mode as well. When you are in free spinning mode, you can access a number of features, which will help you to boost your win. High End symbols are stacked across all wheels. Some are three high and some are super stacked wilds, and they help you win the award with a winning combo.

In the game, you also get jackpot on special spin. It is a great value game for a player. You can make good bets on all candies, it does not matter whether you
are heart shaped candy or a simple Lollypop.

At the end of the game, when you are done with everything, it is your choice to gamble more or not.

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