05th Jul2013

Are Sexy Slots starting to make a comeback?

by admin

For most casino players, when they are playing their slot machine of choice, or similar, the last thing they need is a distraction. As a result, despite having the nickname of “Sin City”, casinos in Las Vegas and similar tended to offer little in the way of more adult fun.

In the digital realm though, this is changing. As online casino companies strive to attract new customers, they are exploring plenty of different ways to do this and one of the most obvious, and oldest ways to do this, is sex.

As any advertiser worth their salt knows, sex sells. From the “Diet Coke” man, to the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, the site of a shapely man or woman is a powerful attractant and now it seems online games are following that lead.

Recently, the video slot Girls with Guns Jungle Heat raised passions for male players of slots, with four nubile girls as the centrepiece of the game and now Microgaming have taken this a step further with the release of the elegant new Playboy Video Slot.

Of course, Playboy oozes sex appeal; the very name itself is a codeword for luxury, sensuality and beauty. The slot though manages to convey this in a simple, understated way and this is to its enormous credit. It’s sexiness is there, but it isn’t overtly in your face, nor distracting for the player.

The 5-reel, 243 ways to win slot also boasts a vast range of features linked to each of the four girls who star in it, including Wilds and Scatter symbols that unlock between 10 and 25 Free Spins plus a host of features to discover as you play through the slot.

So yes, sexy slots are starting to make a comeback, but they are doing so in a tasteful way that compliments the gaming experience and enhances it, rather than distracts the player from it.

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