05th Jul2014

How to become a High Roller

by admin

The High Roller lifestyle is one that many regular punters and gamblers can only dream of. Staying at the best hotels complimentary, with free drinks, food and other treats thrown in all for the pleasure of you playing at their establishment. It is easy to see why the average gambler finds this lifestyle so attractive.

So the question is, how can you achieve it?

Well the first thing is that all journeys to the top must begin with a first step and for that you need to join a casino with a top notch offer. The Casino Rewards network offers a number of such casinos, such as Captain Cooks Casino or Zodiac Casino, which give users a fantastic choice of games and a fabulous starter bonus.

Once you are registered and playing then you need to build a bankroll. You do this in one of two ways, either by getting lucky and hitting a big jackpot on a progressive jackpot game such as Caribbean Stud Poker or the Mega Moolah slot, or you can build your bankroll by playing strategically and trying to keep the odds in your favour.

Of course, it is hard to start with a relatively modest bankroll and build your way up to millions to spend. As such, you should be prepared to top up your account when necessary to build your bankroll.

Lastly, you won’t get a high roller status if you don’t actually play at the casino. In order to achieve the level of success and status a high roller receives, you need to play at the casino and play frequently and enjoy more success than failure.

That can involve learning strategies to play some casino games (such as blackjack) as well as choosing the bets which offer you a best chance of success more often.

In the end though, high roller status comes down to money. The more you wager and the more you win, the further down the road you are to becoming a high roller.